Aarti Burghausen (Germany):

Aarti derives from the term Arati (A = to create, rati = deep love)  which means that which awakens the intensive love to God within us. Arati literally meens “aurora/dawn”, thus the end of night. It is a kind of sanctification symbolizing the awakening out of the sleep of  forgetting about the true self.

The origin of Aarti is Aratrika which can be translated as clearing the dark.

Aarti might be one of the most famous ceremony in Indian tradition. A ritual to worship a divine being. It is a sign for devotion to the divine.

Shanti Aarti Ashram:
Kapuzinergasse 230
D-84489 Burghausen

For further informations to stay in Aarti Burghausen, please write to team@shanti-satsang.de