Open Satsang, Arunachala (India)

Rooftop of SivaGiri Homes

77, VIP Garden, 606603 Tiruvannamalai, India

Shanti holds daily Satsang at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala!

Arunachala (Sanskrit: “the mountain of the dawn”)

It is the holiest mountain of the Hindus, more significant even than mount Kailash. For Europeans and all non-Hindus it is a special place of power with extraordinary Indian magic. And for all friends of “being” and “inner peace” it is also “the” place on the outside at which the inner peace is felt at its most intense.

Sri Ramana Maharshi the biggest amongst Indian spiritual teachers, lived at the foot of Arunachala from the age of 17 up to his physical death.  Residents report that at the time of his death they saw a pillar of light which passed from his body to the mountain. During his lifetime, Ramana emphasised that Arunachala is not really a place on the outside but the true heart of the being which resides in each of us and is beyond any religious believes.

How to get there:
Closest airport is Chennai (MAA). Many airlines fly to Chennai directly. Place of retreat is Tiruvannamalai which is at the foot of the mountain (approx. 200 km South-West of Chennai)

A large variety of accommodations can be found through the internet and should be booked in advance.

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