Volcano Retreat, Stromboli (Sicily)


Piazzetta dei Caduti, 98050 Ginostra, Sizilien

In the midst of the deep blue South Italian sea lies the volcano island “Stromboli”. It is one of the most active volcanos on earth.

Several times a day it belches a lava fountain up to a few hundred of meters and very often it, fairy-tale like, blows a heart out of black smoke above its peak, which you can therefore even find on postcard illustrations. Altogether, this over 900 m high, out of the sea rising volcano has a very loving, healing and magical energy.

Here you can experience the purifying power of the ancient fires arising from the bowels of Earth. Here, you sense and hear the archaic, gentle mountain quake when the congenial mountain spirit is doing its work. A feeling of endless security and oneness with nature arises, when you are that close to the liquid blood of the earth.
The beautiful vegetation of the Mediterranean spring in combination with the island’s Lucullan delicacies, like fresh caper fruits and flowers, figs and lemons, make your stay a perfect feast for all senses.

At this place, which is absolutely ideal for spiritual transformation, in Satsang with Shanti, you can solve your deepest blockades.
Insights into reality, awakening and enlightenment are easier to gain at such a place because your whole system relaxes and surrenders naturally to the beauty surrounding you.
You experience even deeper what true Being here means and what Being Together means with people living in love with Truth.
… “paradisiac” would be a word to describe it.

Retreat prices:
89,- EUR per day

Booking Options:
Minimum stay – 3 days
07.06.20 holds the last possibility to arrive after the retreat has started.
11.06.20 holds the last possibility to leave before the retreat has ended (last Satsang in this case is on the 10.06.20)

Rooms available starting from 25€ per day and per person
For further information about Retreat- /Room-booking and arrival please write to