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Who can come to a private session with Shanti?

People of every age. Adults, children and teenager.

During a private session you can focus on any area with more intensity and depth. Examples might be  if there is a persistent issue that keeps coming up or to explore any long term mind-sets.

Shanti uses a broad range of methods and can work very deeply, guiding you and exploring with you in safe and contained environment.

What methods uses Shanti?

Western methods:

Systematic family therapy, talking psychotherapy, behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, deep psychological treatments,  energy- and conciousness work, western forms of meditation, indigenous shamen treatments

Eastern methods:

Advaita vedanta (teachings of non-duality), vajrajana buddism, zen, guided meditation, holistic yoga (bhakthi-yoga, karma-yoga, jmana yoga, raja yoga)

Is it possible to get financial support via my health insurance?

Shanti Mark R. Koppikar is psychologist with diploma and healing practioner for psychotherapy.

Basically it is possible to get support through a private health insureance or if you have an additional insurance for healing practioners. From experience this depense on the agreement of your particular health insurance.



One person
60 minutes – 300, – €
90 minutes – 450, – €

60 minutes – 600, – €
90 minutes – 900, – €

Parent / Child
One parent with child / teenager (5-17 years): max. 90 min (preliminary talk with parent, conversation with child alone, follow-up talk with parent) – 450, – €

Conversation with child / teenager alone: max. 60 minutes – 300, – €

Talk with children under 5 years only with parent in common: max. 60 minutes – 300, – €