A new perspective and greater quality of life is the result of the participation in Satsang Retreats. 

Satsang Retreats

The retreats take place in beautiful and energetically powerful locations around the world. They are open to people of all ages and all religions or spiritual orientations. Groups usually vary between six to thirty people.  There is one Satsang a day with Shanti and opportunities to book a private Session with Shanti.

Through being together in a group several days in a row, there is a certain dynamic developing in a retreat, which in a single satsang would be difficult to experience. The intensity from this dynamic depends on the group and can bring everybody even deeper into Being.

Retreats with Shanti take place in Germany, Austria, India, Sicily, Croatia and Russia. Every year new countries and places are joining. Information about upcoming Retreats you can find under Schedule.

For further questions or if you are interested to participate in a Retreat, please write to team@shanti-satsang.de


A silent retreat is different from a normal retreat in that in silent retreats you neither speak nor read between the Satsangs. Engaging in language or just simply speaking is activating the thinking process like almost no other activity.

Through the satsangs an inner stillness joins the outer silence. This combination brings an enormous transformative power and it becomes possible to permanently wake up from the trance of our ‘conditioned’ mind-based way of life.

In silence the mind comes to a rest and spiritual dimensions unfold that are usually barely ever perceivable or not perceivable at all. Reports of the participants show the wonderful quality of Being that is blossoming up from the depth of outer and inner silence.

For more information go to Schedule.

If you are interested in participating please write to: team@shanti-satsang.de